One of the great things about buying from local boutiques is that the shop will get to know you. In Cahill Brothers we know our customers, we know their tastes and when we buy for the shop, we buy shoes that we know they will want and love and most importantly wear.


Our customers want both style and substance from their shoes and have the wisdom to know that price and value are not the same thing. It is true that you could buy possibly 5 pairs of shoes in Primark for the cost of one pair of our shoes, but what we are selling are high quality, handmade shoes and offer much greater value in the long run to the consumer than cheaper disposable alternatives.

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This blog is a little insight into the manufacturing process of one of our most loved brands, Jose Saenz.  If you are lucky enough to own a pair then you already know they are wonderfully comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Here is a glimpse of the craftsmanship that goes into the production of every pair of these artisan shoes.


Our philosophy is to design and manufacture women’s footwear that is 100% made in Spain from the finest natural materials. An avant-garde design, a selection of quality leathers and craftsmanship from skilled hands, result in women’s footwear that is of high quality and which has a unique style and great comfort  ~ Jose Saenz



Every shoe starts at the design phase. At Jose Saenz, the design process occurs in the factory allowing prototypes to be quickly worked up and tweaked so that they are producing the best possible version of the shoe.


A pattern is created from the design and the required shapes are cut from high quality swathes of leather. Each shoe size and style requiring it’s own pattern.


Highly skilled craftspeople then sew the leather pieces together to form the upper of the shoe.

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The shoe really begins to take life when it is shaped over a foot-like mould called a last. The last determines the fit and shape of the shoe so making these accurate is crucial in ensuring you end up with a comfy product.

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The upper then gets bonded to the sole unit and a custom insole is also inserted. These sole units are specially designed by another local Spanish factory to Jose Saenz’ exact specifications and are part of the reason why these shoes are such a dream to wear.

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Once the shoe is complete the lasts are removed and the shoe is examined to make sure it meets the high quality control criteria expected from everything that leaves the factory.


And finally the shoes are placed in the iconic red Jose Saenz box and shipped out to shops all over Europe including us!


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